What Is It Like to Work With Magnes Marketing?

Working with Magnes Marketing is everything about SEO and Content Marketing. You don’t have to worry about performing research, making technical SEO fixes, creating amazing content, promoting content and more…

Magnes Marketing is completely turnkey. Once we start working together, get a better understanding about your business, your goals and KPIs, you don’t have to do anything from your end. Just focus on running your business as usual and leave your website and traffic generation process to us.

Before Working with Magnes Marketing

Before sending you a proposal, we perform extensive research to make sure whether your business and site have SEO opportunities. If there is little to no opportunities, we will let you know. This is because we don’t want you to invest your money on the digital marketing channel that doesn’t get you the results and ROI.

We’ll audit your existing site content and evaluate their current rankings on search engines. Performing a content audit will help us to determine whether it makes sense to improve your old blog posts to generate additional organic search traffic. Sometimes, we focus on updating old blog posts for a few months because we’ve seen amazing results compared to creating new blog posts.

Once we’ve identified opportunities for you to drive more search traffic, we will create result-oriented strategies in updating your old content and creating new ones. We’ll be ready to get started right away.

1st Week with Magnes Marketing

In the 1st week of working together, we will figure out the keywords or key phrases your website should rank for, how your site’s tone should be, and how we’re going to get your blogs posts in front of your potential customers.

** Note: We have an SEO roadmap that we follow in providing complete audit for your website which is not included in this article.

We’ll dive into four main aspects to get started with your SEO & Content Marketing campaign.

The Content Creation Plan

One of the most important part of our strategy. It provides insights to decide what your site should rank for, what existing pages and posts we should improve on, and a clear roadmap for creating new content over the next few months.

The Tone and Style Guide

We will provide a guide on using the right tone and style that our writers will use for content creating. This is to make sure that the content we create fits perfectly with your brand identity and goals. The aim is to produce content consistently that your target audience love.

You’ll be required to fill out a questionnaire which we will use for choosing the right tone and style for your content. Once we’re aligned, our writers will start their groundwork in producing content drafts for you.

The Content Promotion Plan

Along with content creation plan, we’ll come up with a content promotion plan to promote your content. We will focus on channels with high potential for your niche. It will be a continuous experiment to find out the best channels for content promotion. If you have an on-going content promotion efforts, we will help you optimize them.

We will identify the metrics that matter the most to your business. Newsletter signups? Traffic? Sales? It’s up to you to decide what you’re looking to achieve. However, we will provide our recommendations based on what worked for your competitors.

The Technical SEO Audit

Performing technical SEO audit is something we emphasize to make sure your site is healthy and not broken. If there are broken elements in your website, it could affect your SEO opportunity. So, we will work together with you in identifying issues with your website and get them fixed as soon as possible.

2nd Week with Magnes Marketing

Once all the four aspects are covered, we’ll start getting our experienced writers with expertise in your niche to create drafts of your blog posts. We’ll send the draft to you and you can choose the draft that suits your organization’s tone and shows expertise in your niche.

If you’re not happy with the content, we will make unlimited revisions or deploy other writers to draft a new copy.

While working on the content, we’ll start setting up analytics and search console that’s not already integrated. We will also integrate your Google Analytics data to Google Data studio with key metrics that matter to you.

Once we agree on the content, tracking and metrics, we’ll start working on publishing the first pieces of content.

3rd and 4th Week with Magnes Marketing

The content publishing begins! We will start publishing blog posts to your site based on the content plan, content tone and style and dedicate the right writers for your niche.

Once we start publishing, you’ll get a report on the performance of the content on monthly basis. We’ll include the amount of traffic you’re getting, conversion metrics to track the performance and ranking of the keywords we’re targeting. We will also include the results of content promotion experiments we run for your site.

We will consistently adjust the tone of the blog posts based on your feedback to make sure our writers are creating the best content for you.

5th Week and Beyond with Magnes Marketing

One month after starting your campaign, we’ll create a regular schedule of content publishing on a weekly basis or bi-weekly basis depending on your requirements. All the published contents are promoted, and the results will be reported on a monthly basis.

We will analyze the performance of the blog posts in terms of organic search traffic, conversion and search rankings. We’ll make continuous adjustment to your content and identify what works best in attracting organic search traffic. It can take a few months to see results from SEO task, but we’ll see a positive trend in growth after the 2nd and 3rd month. Depending on the results, we will make changes to our SEO strategy.

If the initial strategy is working, we will leverage on it and scale the performance of your website. If the strategy is not working, we will identify the issues and implement a new strategy that works.

We make constant tweaks in creating and promoting your content with the sole purpose of increasing your organic search traffic and provide great ROI.

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