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Hi. I’m Naven Pillai, a passionate entrepreneur and blogger. This is the 2nd time I’ve started a digital marketing agency. It may look like an easy task when you start something the second time, but still you require hard work and proper planning to see the right results.

At Magnes Marketing, our main services revolves around SEO and Content Marketing. The services include complete SEO audit, content writing and link building. Our main goal is always on growing client’s business. Our target clients are startups and small medium businesses that usually have less than 50 employees.

As I’ve started off as a freelance digital marketer, my monthly turnover is just around $5,000 per month. With this digital marketing agency, we are looking to grow is at least by 1000% over the next 12 months.

What are the reasons for starting an SEO agency?

I was quite obsessive about SEO even since the beginning. I started learning SEO from scratch and developed niche sites to put everything I’ve learned into work. I started generating organic search traffic and increased the search rankings for my niche sites. And my next move was to sell those sites at a good price. Website flipping still remains as one of my side hustle till today.

My First SEO Agency

As I was successful with SEO, I wanted to do something better, something that will benefit business owners. At that time, SEO was still new in Malaysia and businesses were still reluctant to have a website. Being an introvert I often ignored any conversation with business owners and wanted to have someone who can meet potential clients and get the deals done.

During a casual conversation with one of my college friend, he volunteered to do the sales as he had enough knowledge about website development and digital marketing. We decided to start a digital marketing agency in 2012.

We manage to get a couple of small-budget clients within 6 months. The business was good and we were growing the digital agency’s revenue by 10% each month by getting new clients for website development. But, we faced a problem in getting the existing clients to sign up for digital marketing services. Clients were only interested in getting their site developed and didn’t show much interest in digital marketing services.

We continuously tried to educate business owners about digital marketing and the benefits to their business. They slowly started to consider digital marketing and delighted once they started getting more enquiries from their potential customers.

Despite the exceptional growth, I had to break up with my business partner as there were disagreements in business decisions. I had to determine my priorities that moment and analyzed the situation carefully and the best solution was to break up smoothly without any conflicts.

So in 2016, I quit from the digital marketing agency and let my ex-partner to run the agency.

New Job Opportunity

I received an offer to work for an electronic waste management company. I had little knowledge about e-waste but did not resist the opportunity. I was focused on the experience and knowledge I could gain from the industry.

I was still actively involved with my side hustle projects while consulting 2 SEO clients while working full-time. In 2019, I revived my personal blog, and started sharing valuable insights on digital marketing.

After working for almost 4 years, I realized that it was a huge mistake to rake a full-time in-house job. Although I was still writing blog posts and consulting clients, it was not enough. Sometimes I just publish one blog post in a month. The job had great impact in my personal branding efforts.

Due to Covid-19, the company I worked for suffered a huge blow and started re-trenching employees and initiated pay cuts for senior executives like me. Having a 30% pay cut was ridiculous. For me, it was the best time to quit from the job and focus on my passion for digital marketing.

So, I quit from the job in June 2020.

Starting An SEO Agency For a Second Time

I was not unemployed as I was having 4 clients that I had been consulting since 2019. I started to actively publish blog posts on my personal blog and started to get traction. During this Covid-19 pandemic period, I’ve seen so many digital marketing agencies and training centers popping out everywhere.

I told myself not to start an agency at all and focus on my existing clients and projects. Although I have a team of remote workers working for my current projects and clients, I was still in a dilemma whether or not to start an agency.

Most digital agencies in Malaysia are focused on social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising. There were very few that are actually good at SEO and Content Marketing. Apart from that, the digital agencies are focused on organic traffic and keyword rankings. But, that’s not enough.

Business owners are not bothered about their rankings and traffic if it’s not bringing them additional revenue. The main aim of any SEO campaign is to attract targeted audience and convert them into paying customers. At least the client should be driving targeted leads to their website.

After performing in-depth research of the digital marketing industry, I decided to launch a digital marketing agency for the second time that provides only SEO & Content Marketing related services.

And that’s how I’ve started Magnes Marketing to help businesses to leverage the power of SEO and Content Marketing to drive quality organic traffic to their site and convert them into paying customers. This is not for businesses looking for short-term results, only for those looking for success over the long-term.

So, we have officially launched Magnes Marketing.

Thanks for the huge support from our existing clients and we are ready to serve more businesses and help them gain online visibility with our result-oriented SEO & Content Marketing strategies.

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