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Why Do You Need SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that helps websites to gain visibility on search engine results. There are hundreds of reasons why you need SEO. We will share some of the top reasons to integrate SEO with your overall marketing initiatives.

  • Increase Organic Search Traffic: The main goal of SEO is to improve a website’s presence on search engines, especially on Google. A higher ranking on search result pages offers more visibility and clicks which drives more search organic (non-paid) traffic to the website.
  • Improve Credibility & Trust: Business websites that appear on the top spot of search engine results are perceived as more credible and trustworthy. This indirectly improves brand awareness and reputation.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy: Unlike other marketing strategies or paid advertising, which stops generating any leads once the initiative is stopped, organic search traffic is absolutely “free”. Although there are costs involved with SEO implementation, it offers long-term results.
  • Enhanced User Experience (UX): When a website offers great user experience (UX), the visitors tend to spend more time on the site and consume the value it has to offer. Many SEO tasks like improving site speed, ensuring mobile-friendliness and creating relevant content contribute to a better user experience on the website.
  • Improve Conversion Rate: SEO helps in attracting the right target audience to your website. When your website appears in search results for specific products, services, or information people will click on it to find more. This approach focuses only on the audience with the search intent relevant to your niche.
  • Stay Competitive within Your Industry: Many businesses are investing in SEO. If you’re not doing it, you might be giving away your potential customers to your competitors who are actually doing it. They can easily capture the search traffic and customers that might have been interested in your solutions.
  • Long-term Digital Marketing Strategy: If you’re looking for overnight success with SEO, it’s 100% impossible. SEO is a long-term strategy and only works when you optimize your site consistently to stay on top of search engine results.
  • Gain Insight into Customer Behavior: SEO analytical tools like Google Analytics & Google Search Console provide valuable insights into how your visitors interact with your website, the terms they use to reach your website, the pages that they spend the most time on, and more.
  • Everchanging Search Engine Algorithms: Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving. Most experts estimate that Google changes its search algorithm between 500-600 times per year. That’s why you need to consistently optimize your website to stay compliant and up-to-date with the latest search engine practices.

Why Choose Magnes Marketing For SEO?

Customized Strategy

We offer tailored SEO plans and implement SEO strategies based on your business goals and unique objectives.

White-Hat Techniques

We employ ethical SEO techniques that follows search engine guidelines for long-term success.

Transparent Reporting

We offer comprehensive reporting on monthly basis that showcases rankings, traffic and other key metrics.

Flexible Contract Terms

Our SEO services comes with flexible contract terms. Delivering quality work is our utmost priority. We do not work on fix term contracts like other agencies.

Advanced Tools & Techniques

We use multiple tools to give our clients competitive advantage and achieve their SEO goals.

Value For Money

Our services are not cheap. We offer competitive pricing for the quality of work provided and ensure good ROI for your business.

Our SEO Process

The core principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have remained consistent over the years despite the changes in search engine algorithms. Here’s the SEO process we use for our clients to rank higher on search engines while driving targeted visitors to their sites:

Conducting a business and site analysis is the first step in developing an effective SEO strategy for any website. This analysis process will uncover valuable insights into your business and website. It also helps to identify the gaps and provide clear direction for improvements. This is the breakdown of the analysis process:

1. Business Analysis

  • Understanding Business Model: Before diving deep into your website, we will understand the nature of your business. Is it e-commerce, informational, lead generation or something else?
  • Identify Target Audience: We need to know who are your ideal customers. It is important to find out their demographics, geography, interests, pain points, and online behaviours.
  • Find Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Differentiation is important for you to stand out from the crowd. Understanding the value you offer your customers will make a huge difference.
  • Analyze Your Competitors: We will identify your main competitors and analyze their online presence, terms they are ranking for, backlink profiles, and overall strengths and weaknesses.
  • Set Your Goals and Objectives: You need to determine and let us know the short-term and long-term goals you are looking to achieve with our SEO services. It will help us develop an SEO strategy plan that’s geared toward accomplishing your goals.

2. Site Analysis

  • Technical SEO Audit: We will conduct technical SEO audits that will take into account crawlability & indexability, URL structure, mobile compatibility, page speed, SSL implementation, XML sitemap, robots.txt and broken links.
  • On-Page SEO Audit: We will audit your website’s on-page SEO elements including titles, meta descriptions, content quality & relevance, keyword research, internal linking structure, and image optimization
  • Off-Page SEO Audit: Off-Page initiatives are one of the most crucial parts of any SEO strategy. So, we will perform an extensive audit on your backlink profile, domain authority & page authority and social signals.
  • Content Audit: We will list down all the content pieces on your website and evaluate their performance, and relevance and identify gaps for improvements.

Now that we know everything about your business and site, a solid SEO strategy plan can be developed.

  • We will prioritize fixing all your site errors identified in the site analysis process.
  • Resources will be allocated based on the tasks involved.
  • We will provide the list of terms/keywords relevant to your business that we will target.
  • Depending on your SEO goals and budget we will determine the number of keywords targeted, the number of links acquired for your site, the number of content developed and published on your site, and other deliverables.

The initial optimization process will be a one-time SEO effort where all the required initial SEO tasks are completed to get your website ready for ongoing optimization.

All the errors found during the business and site analysis process will be listed one by one. We will fix all the errors and make sure the site is ready for a complete overhaul.

A transparent report will be given on the initial SEO tasks that have been performed. During the initial optimization process, we will also generate the most relevant list of keywords to target and improve rankings on search results.

Ongoing optimization is a continuous process of analyzing and optimizing various SEO elements of your website to improve your site’s performance on search engines. As the digital landscape and search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, ongoing optimization is the key to being relevant in the SEO game.

Here’s what our ongoing optimization process looks like:

  • Performance Analysis: We will regularly review your web analytics to keep track of metrics like organic traffic, bounce rate, average session duration and conversion rates. This analysis will be performed by utilizing multiple SEO tools and platforms including Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
  • Keywords / Terms Performance: The rankings of targeted keywords will be monitored on a weekly basis. If we find new keyword opportunities we will make some tweaks to our SEO strategy based on the changing search trends.
  • Content Creation and Updates: New content will be created on a monthly basis depending on your SEO goals and budget. The older content will be updated to keep them relevant to the industry.
  • Technical SEO Checks: The technical aspect of the site will be checked and analyzed on a quarterly basis which means 3 months once.
  • Backlink Analysis: Apart from acquiring links from other related sites, we will conduct periodic audits of your site’s backlink profile to identify harmful and spammy links. These links will be disavowed or we will send an email to the site owners to remove the links.
  • Reporting and Review: We will create a monthly and quarterly comprehensive SEO report to show you the progress of the SEO initiatives. The challenges and also opportunities will be included to get approval on making adjustments to the initial SEO goals and strategies.

Types of SEO Services We Provide

We offer various types of À la carte SEO services depending on your requirements. If you choose a complete monthly SEO retainer, we will combine all these services and create a Custom SEO Plan depending on your business goals and objectives.

Keyword Research

Technical SEO Audit

Competitor Analysis

Content Creation

Link Building

Barnacle SEO

Google My Business Optimization

On-Page Setup

Backlink Profile Audit


Communication is essential to building long-term business relationships. For us, the business relationship is more important than results. That’s why we care about our client’s business.

Search Marketing Agency that cares about your business 💖

Whether you’re a startup, small-medium business or even a multi-million dollar company, you’ll get the same attention

Increase of 300% in organic traffic

We have been working with Magnes Marketing for almost a year now. SEO has become the #1 inbound marketing channel for our business. Although it took close to 6 months to see significant results from SEO, it was worth the wait. Magnes Marketing was incredibly helpful in guiding us and transparent with their SEO work. Thanks to Magnes Marketing makes it possible to grow our business online.
Kumaran Somasundram

Best SEO Agency We’ve Worked With

Since we started working with Magnes Marketing, our website traffic from search engines has significantly increased. They know their stuff and get you the results. If you’re looking to increase your organic search traffic, Magnes Marketing is the one you should work with.
Raveen Karunanithi
Marketing Manager of STK Dynamic Engineering

Positive Growth in Google Rankings

We highly recommend Magnes Marketing SEO services to any business. Been working with them for about 2 years now. We are in a competitive industry and Magnes Marketing uncovered hidden potential in our niche and helped us in improving our overall SEO efforts. Magnes Marketing is one of the top result-driven SEO Agencies in Malaysia.
Cedric Vincent

Request For SEO Proposal

What would you like to achieve working with us? Have you worked with an SEO agency or freelancer before?

Have Questions About SEO SERVICES? We’ve Got The Answers You Need!

There is no specific timeline on when you should hire an SEO agency. It’s never too soon or too late to hire an SEO service provider.

You should hire an SEO agency when:

  1. Your Website Is Not Ranking: If your site is not appearing on the first page of search results for the right keywords/terms, or losing its search presence consistently, you should get professional help.
  2. Your In-House Resources Aren’t Enough: If you’ve tried managing SEO in-house and found it overwhelming, hiring a specialized SEO agency can relieve the burden and allow you to focus on what you’re good at.
  3. You’re Not Seeing ROI: We understand that SEO is a long-term effort and it is important to see a good return from your investment. If you’re not seeing a positive return, it might be time for an expert approach.
  4. You Want To Increase Organic Search Traffic: Get the most out of your online presence from an SEO agency with a transparent SEO process. They should increase relevant organic search traffic that boosts leads, conversions and revenue generation.

Well. The answer is NO.

SEO is a complex discipline. You’ll gain great benefits when you partner with agencies specialising in SEO. Here’s why:

When you work with a general marketing agency, the SEO services they provide will only be an add-on to other digital marketing services they provide. They will use random strategies to support their marketing campaign rather than SEO strategies that completely focus on harnessing the power of search engine rankings.

Did you know that 68% of agencies outsourced SEO to white-label SEO providers?

SEO-only agencies like Magnes Marketing focus on search engine optimization- that’s it. SEO agencies often have broad knowledge gained from managing multiple search engine campaigns over several years.

These agencies also have a deep understanding of search engine algorithm changes that allow them to build successful long-term SEO strategies.

If your primary focus is boosting organic traffic and improving search engine rankings, a specialized SEO agency should be your ideal choice.

At Magnes Marketing, we have a systematic approach to search engine optimization (SEO). But we do not offer a one-size-fits-all SEO service because we understand that each business is unique even if they are within the same industry. When you work with professional SEO service providers, you’ll be able to customize your campaign and maximize the return on your investment.

We usually recommend a 12-month campaign for our clients though we have ZERO contract policy at Magnes Marketing. From keyword research to link building strategies, every SEO activity is executed to support your business objectives.

Example of SEO Services

Every business needs a specific SEO campaign but the fundamentals of SEO still remain the same. It is similar to the foundation of any construction project.


  • Strategic goal setting
  • Keyword Research
  • Web Analytics Audit (Google Analytics)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content GAP audit
  • Internal Linking Audit
  • Technical SEO & Site Speed Audit


  • Blog Content Creation
  • Google My Business Page Optimization
  • Internal Linking Implementation
  • Link Building
  • On-page optimization Analysis and Implementation
  • Web Content Enhancement

The typical price for a monthly SEO retainer in Malaysia is between RM2,000 – RM10,000 per month depending on the quality of service provided and the deliverables.

Our monthly SEO services start at RM4,700 per month which is higher than 90% of the SEO service providers in Malaysia.

These are the reasons for our SEO services are priced higher:

  • We develop custom SEO campaign for your business that works. A personalized SEO strategy takes time to develop, but it drives the best results.
  • SEO takes a lot of work and it’s not about changing something and seeing instant results. There are a lot of SEO tasks involved like site analysis and audit, keyword research, optimizing for local search, content development, link building and many more.

Most SEO agencies in Malaysia tend to focus on acquiring big clients or working with hundreds of clients. We do not work with multiple businesses from the same industry. Only one client from one niche. And we do ZERO contracts at Magnes Marketing.

We only work with 4-5 clients at a time.

Our main focus is to work with our clients to make MORE MONEY.

We will generate monthly performance reports on the progress of your SEO campaign.

These are some of the metrics you might see in your monthly report:

  • Keyword growth (you will rank for other keywords that we are not targeting).
  • Keyword position on search results (Google & Bing)
  • Click-through rate
  • Organic search traffic
  • Conversion rate
  • Average page per session
  • Bounce rate
  • Average time spent

We will also create a customized campaign dashboard that integrates data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

You have gained momentum with your SEO campaign and generating quality leads to your side that show a healthy return on your investment. Should I stop investing in SEO now?

SEO is not a quick solution. It’s an ongoing process for sustainable growth. Even if you reach your SEO campaign goals, search engine rankings can change because:

  • There are more competitors appearing in your industry
  • Your competitors are investing aggressively in their SEO efforts.
  • Search engine algorithms and constantly changing
  • You have new products or services to be added

A good SEO service provider will assist you in refining your strategies as the search engine algorithms evolve. You may also need ongoing changes to your SEO campaigns as your business and industry may evolve in the long run.

You don’t want your ship to be on a voyage without a captain who can set the direction and navigate properly.