SEO Case Study: Smile Dental Auckland

Learn how we helped a dental group in New Zealand to increase their organic traffic by 450% within a year


A digital marketing agency based in Auckland outsourced one of their SEO client’s SEO work to Magnes Marketing. Smile Dental is one of the top dental group in New Zealand that provides high quality dental services.

We identified great opportunities for significant improvements in terms of organic traffic. It will help Smile Dental to increase the number of enquiries and dental appointments.


Our aim was to address the dip in organic traffic and reverse the downward trend and increase their conversion. Whilst it is a local business, they’re in New Zealand’s most competitive cities and targeting high-value dental market. So, we need powerful SEO strategy in place.

Our team at Magnes Marketing tasked to improve their search engine rankings and increase organic traffic while maintaining Smile Dental’s established brand identity.

Our Strategy

  • To attract quality leads, we had to develop s strategy that gets the right content in front of the right user and convince them to take action.
  • Our first step was to make changes to their web design and make the site user-friendly and create improved contact forms and more visible call-to-action messaging across the website. User experience was our priority.
  • Our SEO team conducted thorough research, prioritizing keywords that were most likely to attract visitors and convert them. Once the keyword research completed, our copywriters revised Smile Dental’s content and put emphasis on expertise and authority. This was to help Smile Dental attract and build among their potential customers.
  • Next, we turned our attention to content marketing strategies that could help improve Smile Dental’s authority on Google. We suggested client add their website to various local directories to build quality citations.


The organic search traffic did not immediately improve with the changes to their website layout. The site with new design went live in June 2019 but only started to pick up in September 2019 as the SEO and Content Marketing work began to take hold.

By June 2020 the client was enjoying a 450% increase in organic search traffic (June 2019-June 2020), with 5,000 new customers over that period from Google alone.

The organic traffic increased as we continuously published high quality content and got coverage for Smile Dental on topical websites.