SEO Case Study: Naruto Guides Online

Learn how we purchased, increased organic search traffic and sold it for $4,500 (RM 18,000)


Naruto Online Guides was a test project to experiment various SEO strategies.

The site was not regularly updated and losing huge potential. Although it’s not a big niche that can be easily monetized, it can be a trial project to justify our digital marketing strategies especially SEO.

We purchased the website for $100 (RM400) as it was only getting 100 organic visitors per month with 10 articles. It was a good bargain.


Our main objective was to increase organic search traffic and rank for brandable keywords. We wanted to rank for highly searched keywords like “Naruto Guides”, “Naruto Online Guides”, “Naruto Online Ninja List” and many more.

It was a big challenge to rank this website for competitive keywords because the game developer “Oasis Games” and the forum for the game was ranking high. We want to experiment with various strategies and try our chance of ranking better than them.

Our Strategy

We started focusing on content development and published important guides and tips for the game. Later, the readers visiting the website requested us to write guides about the main characters and how to become stronger in the game.

We published 15 guides that covered the important aspects of the game. And these articles were the pillar content for the entire website and geared towards bringing the major organic traffic to the site.

We did not make any major content promotion for the site. We share the published content on the Facebook page we created and shared them on relevant groups related to Naruto Online game. We consistently published various content related to the game like guides to other ninja characters.


  • Organic search traffic grew from 107 visits per month to 15,600 visits per month.

  • There was still huge room for growth for the website before we sold it. As we were focused on other projects, we were unable to produce content and sold the site for $4,500 (RM18,000.00). The site was making $200 per month from ad networks.

  • The site was ranking was more than 100 keywords before the site was sold.