Digital Marketing for Accountants

Learn how to generate more leads for your accounting firm with digital marketing

Whether you’re an accountant or an accounting firm providing services for individuals, companies, or corporates, you need to know that your potential clients are using the Internet to search for options. If you want to reach them during the search process, then you need digital marketing strategies for accountants. 

This guide is exclusively for accountants and accounting firms in Malaysia

Unlike traditional marketing strategies for accountants which uses flyers, banners, magazine and newspaper advertising, digital marketing help building relationship between you and your client. This leads to long-term business relationships. You should stop focusing on sales pitches and start educating your potential clients. You can easily position yourself as an authority and knowledgeable accountant or accounting company.

If you attract your clients with inbound marketing strategies, you don’t have to spend your time hunting for new clients. They will automatically come to you if you’re providing them great value.

Don’t have a website for your accounting services?

I have a website, but didn’t implement any digital marketing strategies?

It’s fine. You can still start from scratch and establish yourself as a valuable and credible source for accounting related information. Getting the best results from your digital marketing efforts require time and energy. You will certainly be amazed by the results digital marketing can bring to the table.

On this page, we will share the important knowledge you need as an accountant to grow your business with digital marketing. If you’re looking for professional help with your digital marketing efforts, fill up this form or email us at

What You Should Know About Digital Marketing for Accountants? 

Digital marketing is a marketing strategy that has proven to work well in this digital age for accountants. Moreover, digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for accountants to promote their services to the target audience. Digital marketing consists of various disciplines like paid search and social advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and many more that help you to connect with your potential customers.

Why accountants need digital marketing strategies?

Digital marketing strategies for accountants comes with a complete blueprint on how you as an accountant or accounting firm market and promote your services to your target audience. Your digital marketing plan will outline everything you need to know from your buyer personas to budget allocation.

Starting your digital marketing campaigns without a plan will utilize your budget without generating any results. You need to have a solid digital marketing plan that outlines your goals and the ways to achieve them.

A proper digital marketing plan will also help you utilize your resources effectively in growing your business.

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Accountants

Accountants often rely on 2 main methods to acquire clients:

  1. Referrals
  2. Networking Events

We don’t deny the fact that these methods still work. But it doesn’t offer the scalability and sometimes it does not work the way we want. If you get your digital marketing strategies in place, you’ll be generating a consistent flow of clients.

This is how we helped one of the top accounting firms in Melbourne to grow their accounting firm without burning their cash. This is why we always recommend digital marketing for businesses from various industries.

Strategy #1: Optimize your site for Search Engines

When we talk about digital marketing for accountants, this is the number 1 recommended digital marketing strategy. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something that accountants often overlook. As a business owner, you’re looking for quick ways to acquire clients, but SEO does not offer quick results. That’s the reason a lot of accounting firms focus on other digital marketing strategies.

Little do they know about the long-term results SEO could generate them. Content is the core element of SEO. Your content should be of high quality and target the right keywords to rank high on the search results. You need to aim for the first page of Google. You will see a significant increase in search traffic to your website within 4-6 months depending on the keyword competition. And the best part, a percentage of the traffic will convert into customers. 

Even if you have hundreds of blog posts on your site, without SEO you’ll never reach the top spots of search result pages. According to a study by Google, 90.63% of content fails to get traffic from Google!

On the other hand, consistency is the key to SEO success. Most of the accounting firms are busy looking for new clients and have inconsistent publishing schedule. A website that consistently publishes one content will get 5x more traffic compares to the one that publishes once a month. Although many digital marketers recommend focusing on the quality of content that you publish, quantity matters too. 

How do you expect your potential customer to find you on Google if you’re just publishing 12 content a year?

One of the top accounting firms that are dominating the SERPs in Malaysia, 3E Accounting has a huge amount of high-quality content which drives almost 20,000 unique organic visits. The site has almost 150 blog posts and 60 resource pages.

If you’re serious about your accounting service, you need to level up your game. 

So, how to optimize your blog posts for Google?

You need to start with keyword research.

Use a combination of few tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, or SEMRush to do keyword research. Target keywords with low competition and high volume. Usually, only generic keywords will have a high search volume. 

Look for long-tail keywords like “why outsource accounting services”. Although they only have an average search volume of 70 searches per month, you have high changes to also rank for keywords like “outsource accounting services” or even “accounting services” if you create outstanding content. 

You also need to understand the intent behind the keywords you’re targeting. There are many different types of search intent and accounting companies need to focus on only two types:

  1. Informational intent
  2. Transactional intent

Only these two search intents will attract more clients to your site.

Let’s say your audience is looking for business registration services. You need to write an article on “Guide To Registering A Company in Malaysia” which targets “register company in Malaysia”. Look at the top 5 organic results on Google. 

As you can see, 3 articles are ranking on the top 5 results. You need to analyze the structure of those articles and identify what they are missing out to create a better version of those articles. 

Avoid stuffing the keywords you’re targeting. The content you create should provide value for your visitors and persuade them to use your services.

Strategy #2: Host Webinars

Businesses and individuals need accounting services today. Internet is the first thing they turn to look for information on what they can do on their own. Blog posts and articles certainly can help you provide the necessary information for your visitors. However, webinars can help you attract more potential clients. 

You should leverage each channel that can help you increase your client base. 

Organizing 30 minutes or one-hour-long webinar will get you’re the opportunity to engage with your potential clients and exhibit your capabilities and credibility. If you want your webinars to generate results, then you should focus on the topic and target market. 

On the other hand, timing is extremely important for webinars to work. For example, if you’re organizing a webinar on taxes, you should do it between April to June because that’s the time businesses and individuals are actively looking for accounting service providers to file their taxes.

The best thing about webinars is that it can be recorded and replayed over and over. You can share it on your social media accounts and YouTube to continuously generate leads. 

When you provide valuable information in the webinar, people will most likely to hire your accounting firm because they are convinced that your company is the right one for their business.

Start maximizing your lead generation capacity with webinars.

Strategy #3: Get Active on Social Media

Social media channels offer great opportunities for accounting service providers. Most of you might think that social media networks are for entertainment purposes only. You’ll be able to develop brand awareness and drive leads using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Among these three social media channels, LinkedIn should be your ideal choice. 

You can use LinkedIn to:

  • Create awareness among potential customers
  • Generate quality leads
  • Improved communication with existing clients (recommend additional services)
  • Improve brand positioning in your industry

You can use other social media channels too. But, if you’re focusing on generating more clients for your accounting firm, LinkedIn is the best platform you should leverage on. 

When you use social media networks like Facebook you can provide timely answers to your customer questions, educate them and keep them constantly engaged with your brand. If you’ve been focusing on creating and marketing your content, you can share those content on social media networks to show your authority and credibility in the accounting industry. Create a publishing schedule and write regularly to reach a larger audience.

Best Digital Marketing Services for Accountants

There are more digital marketing strategies you can implement to increase your brand awareness and drive qualified leads. But, if you choose to focus on digital marketing instead of your business, you’ll be spending more time marketing your services rather than providing quality service for your clients.

A digital marketing agency like Magnes Marketing can help you implement the right digital marketing strategies for your accounting firm. Usually, digital marketing agencies will have experienced marketers who have expertise in different digital marketing channels.

If you’re serious about taking your accounting firm to the next level, you can work with Magnes Marketing for:

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