Digital Marketing Checklist for 2021

A simple checklist to help you stay aligned with your digital marketing efforts

As the year 2020 ending soon and the New Year around the corner, what should you focus on for digital marketing in 2021?

Have you started optimizing your site for search engines?

Added CTA for articles and pages that are getting good traffic?

At Magnes Marketing, we’ve created a simple digital marketing checklist for 2021. It’s a list of digital marketing activities that you can incorporate into your business and put them into action in 2021.

Download the checklist for free by clicking on the links below:

Digital Marketing Checklist For 2021

The checklist is simple and we’ve just given the tasks that you can carry out to achieve success online.

Kick-Off Your 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy with a Bang!

We know the process of digital marketing tasks can be overwhelming, which is why we keep the checklist simple. You can just download it and print it out to keep track of your digital marketing efforts.

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