Top 10 Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing in 2024

Most businesses know that digital marketing is crucial for their growth and success. They are aware that the Internet is the best place to get attention to their brand and drive quality traffic to their site.

But, trying to do digital marketing on your own or hiring an individual to work on it can be intimidating. If you want to sustain your business growth with the right digital marketing strategies, you need to outsource it to an experienced digital marketing agency

Some companies tend to build an in-house team of experienced digital marketers. But you need to go through a tedious human resource process. Moreover, the pay for an agency can be cheaper than what you’re going to pay an in-house team. According to World Bank, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) account for 90% of businesses and more than 50% of employment worldwide. These small-medium businesses have limited marketing budgets. They’ll often have a small team with limited knowledge that doesn’t move the needle. Although you set high achievable goals, there is a limitation to the success they can achieve with digital marketing.

We are not talking about the deliverables when we compare an in-house team with an outsourced team. It’s about the cumulative knowledge and experience available from both parties.

In this article, we will look at the benefits you’ll get by working with a digital marketing agency.

 “The RIGHT Digital Marketing Agencies”

Let’s get started.

Digital Marketing Agencies Help You Beat Your Competitors

Your business competitors are most likely investing in digital marketing strategies to grow their businesses. You can’t waste your time and resources to build an in-house digital marketing team from scratch. You will need individuals like SEO experts, social media marketers, content writers, graphic designers, and campaign experts in an in-house team. Whether your business is big or small, outsourcing your digital marketing efforts to an agency can help you develop the right strategies to compete with your competitors. They know what needs to be done to provide a competitive advantage for your business to overcome your top competitors.

Digital Marketing Agencies Are Affordable

We’re not talking about the agencies that are charging peanuts just for the sake of acquiring clients. The right digital marketing agencies will have benchmark pricing for businesses depending on their needs. These agencies create customized packages based on your budget and will tell you what kind of results you can expect from digital marketing.

If you choose to have an in-house agency, you’ll be spending more by paying each individual and thinking about the perks and benefits you need to offer them. The accumulated cost of having an in-house team is always more expensive compared to hiring a digital marketing agency. 

Digital Marketing Agencies Have A Balanced Structure

Digital marketing agencies often have a specific department that focuses on one digital marketing discipline. Each department will be good at what they’re doing. You will get the best work from these departments in a digital marketing agency. Even if the agency is small with a few team members, they have experienced individuals who are committed to delivering the work within the set deadlines. Having your digital marketing work handled by a structured agency will help you generate good results within a short period of time.

Digital Marketing Agencies Are Innovative

Agencies are often up to date with the current trends and changes in the digital marketing industry. For example, Google consistently changes its algorithms to provide the best user experience for its users. Digital agencies are often aware of these changes and develop SEO strategies accordingly to ensure the rankings of their clients are not heavily affected by algorithm updates. Innovative digital marketing agencies will bring a lot of creative ideas and strategies to the table which can help you stay different from your competitors. They’ll be able to reverse engineer what your competitors are doing and make sure you do better than them in terms of SEO by adding innovation.

Digital Marketing Agencies Help in Reaching Your Target Audience

The target audience in digital marketing is a defined group of people who have an interest in your products and services. You want your marketing message to reach your target market and convert it into sales. If you fail to reach the right audience, you’ll be spending a lot of time and resources without generating any results. This is where a digital marketing agency could come in and make a huge difference. The right digital marketing agency will perform in-depth research and analysis about your business and industry to come up with the ideal buyer personas. Moreover, they know how to generate the best results by targeting the right audience, finding out where your target audience spent most online and identifying the best time to deliver your marketing messages. This will help your business to have an everlasting impact on your audience. 

Digital Marketing Agencies Offer Better Insights and Reports

The most important part of any digital marketing strategy is the insights you gain from the campaigns. If you’re unable to justify your investment without getting a clear picture of the results from your digital marketing campaigns. 

How will you determine which digital channels you should focus on and invest more in if you’re unable to find out the results you’re getting?

Although there are a lot of research studies that indicate the best digital marketing channels by industry and target market, you won’t be able to find the right one without the right insights relevant to your business.

Digital marketing agencies often work with clients from different industries. From their experience, they’ll be able to help you find the right digital channel and the best strategies to use. Moreover, they have enough data and insights to come up with the right digital marketing strategies that resonate with your business. If their strategies are not working, they also have mitigation plans to lower the risks in your investment. If you hire a freelancer or in-house digital marketing experts, they may have the necessary skills and knowledge, but they’ll lack insights that are extremely valuable to make data-driven decisions to implement digital marketing strategies that work for your business.

Digital Marketing Agencies Use The Right Tools

Most of the time freelancers don’t have access to the right digital marketing tools because they cost hundreds to thousands of dollars a month. Even if you choose to hire an in-house digital marketing team, you need to pay for the tools apart from the salary. It’s not the case if your business is making millions in revenue per year. 

As for digital marketing agencies, they’ll be able to cover the expenses for tools as they are using them for a lot of clients. We agree that there are a lot of free digital marketing tools available on the Internet, but they have certain limitations. Using digital marketing tools and software allows agencies to perform fast and accurate research and analysis. 

Rather than wasting time doing things manually, tools help digital agencies reduce their repetitive activities and focus on strategy implementation to achieve their business goals. 

Digital Marketing Agencies Focus on Results 

Reputable digital marketing agencies will do their best to get the results your business deserves. Your success means a lot to them. This is because when your business is successful and generating more revenue with its digital marketing service, it’s a success for them as well. The reputation of a digital marketing agency relies on the value and results it generates for your business. Unlike digital agencies, in-house teams and freelancers are working for the money. Although freelancers may generate better results than your in-house team, nothing comes close to partnering up with a digital marketing agency. 

Digital marketing agencies have to prove the ROI and align with your business goals. They know that you might cancel the monthly retainer if they fail to deliver the results you need.

Digital Marketing Agencies Are Transparent

We know that not all digital marketing agencies are transparent with the work they put in for your website. We know there are dodgy and unethical digital marketing agencies who claim that they are doing the work for you but ignore you when you ask for the deliverables.

We’ve also encountered digital marketing agencies that use the term “digital marketing takes time to see results”. They often use them to rip off their clients for a few months until the clients realize that they are not getting any results from their investment. 

So, before hiring any digital marketing agencies, make sure that they are offering monthly reports on the deliverables. As long they are transparent with the digital marketing strategies they are implementing on your site, you can stay assured that you’re working with the right digital marketing agency.

Once you know what your agency is actually doing, you’ll be able to justify ROI trends and determine whether they are on the right path to reaching your business goals.

You Can Focus on The Core of Your Business

Outsourcing your digital marketing works well when you decide to keep the digital marketing process independent away from your core company operation. You just need to focus on the operations and other parts of your company that matter to you without worrying about digital marketing when you outsource digital marketing efforts. Provide the right information about your business, your digital marketing agency can come up with the best plan and execute them. 

The key to achieving success with your digital marketing campaigns is to trust the agency you hire and make sure you receive monthly reports and updates on the progress.

Digital marketing is slightly complex. If you’re looking to achieve success with digital marketing, it’s important to stay on top of the trends that are constantly changing. You need to be aware of new technologies and digital marketing practices. 

When you manage an in-house digital marketing team, you need to utilize resources in training and development. If you’re a small or medium business, it is not worth it at all. 

Final Thoughts

You can save the cost spent on training and development by hiring the right digital marketing agency.

To get the best out of digital marketing, outsourcing to a credible and trustworthy digital marketing agency is something you should consider.

And to be clear, we are not against digital marketing freelancers. There are a huge number of experienced freelance digital marketers. But there is an obvious difference in the results.

Freelancers are less expensive compared to agencies. There are various advantages and disadvantages when you hire a freelancer vs. an agency. 

We will publish another blog post on that subject.

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